We care. It’s not in our DNA to secure an insurance plan for you and then kiss you good-bye. No way, not a chance! We want you and your employees to be informed and feel like they have a friend to talk to when questions, concerns or issues arise. It’s our pleasure and our top priority to provide you with a full service experience. Let us do the work!

BW + Employer Groups

We are proud to work with all major insurance carriers. But, our services go well beyond the basics! We also provide an extensive list of employer services. This list will give you peace of mind and more time to dedicate to your business and its people - where your focus should be!

Plan Administration

  • Adding new hires, terminating employees from the plan upon their departure from the organization, entering qualifying events such as births or marriages and entering any changes like address updates.

Open Enrollment Meetings

  • Conducting in-person or online enrollment meetings is a big part of what we do. We allow you to choose what works best for your business and its employees - maybe in-person is best or does online work better? Setting up an easy to understand, informative and friendly environment for your employees is so important. It gives them the comfort they need to make informed plan decisions.

Claims Issue Resolution

  • We resolve medical or pharmacy claims issues for your employees. This is huge! Your employees won’t waste time and become frustrated by calling the carrier to battle automated responses. We know WHO to call and the questions to ask.

Compliance Assistance

  • We know the laws! It’s our job to be on top of the laws that govern health care (ERISA, COBRA, Section 125 and PPACA). You can depend on us to know the latest information pertaining to health care laws and to be aware of how any changes could affect your plans.

Full Market Review (at the time of your renewal)

Executive Life and Disability / Partnership Life and Disability

BW + Individuals & Families

We know at times you may also have employees that need assistance with individual and family programs that fall outside of an employer sponsored plan. At BW, we provide that added service! It’s just another way we can help your employees navigate the process to make sure they have the right plans in place for themselves and their loved ones. Currently, we work with Vista360 Medical.

On top of that, we handle Life & Disability claims issues resolution (medical or pharmacy) for employees. Again, they won’t have to call the carrier and deal with automated voice response type service … which can be so frustrating! We’ll make those time consuming calls and achieve resolutions on their behalf.